Build Your Own Custom Xenon Interior Lighting Kit

We are sorry that we do not have a kit available for your vehicle.  Please fill in the form below and we will be pleased to custom make your kit for you.

Please fill out the information below as it pertains to your vehicle. To discover which bulb types your vehicle takes, it is recommended to check the lenses in your vehicle.  There are a few sources online that offer this information, but please do not use these sources as the information they provide is often erroneous.

Also: please keep in mind that manufacturers usually cleverly hide the bulbs within the vehicle, and put them in places where you may not even know they are there.  Our recommendation is to turn on all your interior lights , by opening a door, etc. then search for them based on where the light is coming from.  Please see a suggested list of places to look, as well as a diagram so that we can ensure that you do not miss any bulbs.

For the tube style bulbs. there are many different sizes used in by vehicle manufacturers.  We carry the most common sizes, however, there is a slight variance in size for the bulbs used by some manufacturers, therefore some bulbs in your vehicle may not be the exact size as shown here.  For example, if you find that a bulb is 1.3in/34mm or 1.5in/38mm long, you can  fit a 1.4in/36mm bulb by slightly bending the clips.

FOR OUR FILAMENT KITS ONLY: The most important thing to inspect is the wattage.  ie. Do not insert a 10w light bulb where a 5w light should go regardless of the size.  Please make sure you take the time to also check the wattages, not just size.   It is OK to put a lower wattage bulb in the place of a higher wattage bulb.

If you are looking to buy individual bulbs and not a complete kit for your vehicle,
please do not fill out this form.  Please use this page instead.

Vehicle Brand:

Model: ie. A4 or Civic or 350Z or 3-Series
Body Type:


Please note that filament bulbs are shown here. LED or filament bulbs are available, and you can choose later. 
These are just shown to be representative of the look and shape of the bulbs.
Type: P Type: L Type: T Type: S Type: B
All Glass, Wedge Shaped Bulb
5-7 watts
Approx 43mm/1.7" Long
Tube Style Bulb
10 watts
Approx 36mm/1.4" Long
Tube Style Bulb
5 watts
Approx 31mm/1.2" Long
Tube Style Bulb
5 watts
Bulb With Metal Twist-in Base
5 watts

  Light Position Qty Bulb Type
1 Under Hood
2 Front Ceiling
3 Vanity Mirrors
4 Glove Box
5 Front Doors
Don't Forget These!
6 Rear Doors
Don't Forget These!
7 Front Foot Well
8 Rear Foot Well
9 Middle Ceiling
10 Rear Reading
11 Inside Trunk
12 License Plate