Give that xenon look to your vehicle interior with: "The Original" Xenon Interior Bulbs

These replacement bulbs are easily installed and dramatically give your vehicle's interior a natural white glow.

The perfect companion to your Xenon head-lights and an inexpensive modification that you will enjoy each time you drive your vehicle.

Our bulbs are custom fabricated specifically for in specific lengths and sizes, and are then charged with actual xenon gas. Each kit replaces all interior lights, plus your trunk interior and license plate lights.

Our interior xenon bulbs are the perfect cure for that dull yellow look.

An “Interior light replacement kit” consists of XENON charged filament bulbs that replace all interior lights including (were applicable / available): dome lights, rear courtesy lights, reading lights, vanity mirror lights, glove box lights, under-dash courtesy lights, trunk interior lights, license plate lights and under hood lights. Kit sizes vary depending on model of vehicle.

NOTE: Regarding LED bulbs: since LED bulbs draw considerably less power than stock filament bulbs, some vehicles, particularily very new luxury car brands may show an error on the dashboard when it sees the low power draw of these bulbs. Occasionally, other vehicles will cause the LED lights not to illuminate in this case. If this happens to you, please dont worry, we will offer you an exchange for our filament style interior xenon bulbs.

NOTE: In some vehicles the stock bulbs may be either a few mm longer or shorter than the bulbs we provide.  In some cases it may be required to bend the pins that hold the bulbs in place.  This is not a difficult procedure and can be undone in most models should you wish to return to your stock bulbs.

NOTE: We do not accept returns (except for exchange due to incorrect bulbs sent / warranty concerns) on out light bulbs. For this reason please make sure you know the product you are buying by reading the write-up and selecting the proper bulb kit when ordering.  When buying these bulbs we assure all our customers that the products they are buying are new, and since we have no guarantee that any shipped bulbs have not been used, we cannot accept them for a return.

NOTE: Warranty claims must be made online. A small shipping and handling fee of will be charged for transportation of your replacement bulb should it go defective within the warranty period. Warranty is void by misuse, incorrect installation or touching the glass of the bulb. In the unlikely event that more than two bulbs becomes defective over the warranty term, we may ask you to return the defective bulb to us for inspection.


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