Although the installation of these bulbs is in most cases straight forward, if you feel you require assistance please consult your owner's manual under "BULB REPLACEMENT"  for the most detailed instructions. Since these bulbs are made for several models of vehicles which may have a different way of installing each bulb, referring to your owner's manual will ensure you have the bulbs installed properly.

When installing the Interior Xenon LED Edition be sure to have the bulb seated in the proper direction to allow for correct polarity. If he bulb does not turn on after it is installed, switch it's seating direction.
With the wedge (194) bulbs you may find that the connecting prongs shift when the bulb is being placed in the socket.  This may cause the bulb not to work as no contact is being made. In this case remove the bulb and re-alight the prongs and reinsert the bulb correctly in the proper direction.

NOTE: Do not touch the glass at any time during installation. Doing so will dramatically reduce the life of the bulb. Touch only the base of the bulb and when possible, use rubber gloves or, where provided, the bulbs' plastic sleeve.